Beyoncé is being sued for one of her hit songs from last year: Formation.

The singer seems to go from good news to not so good news.

A lawsuit was filed against her, claiming she used a rapper’s vocals in her song without permission.

Messy Mya is the name of the rapper and he is based in Louisiana. He was killed in 2010.

The document says that Beyoncé used several things from the rapper. His voice, his style of performing and words from his works. The whole song is inspired by him. What she took from him creates the mood.

The line “Oh, yes, I like that” is taken from one of his songs.

His estate filed the lawsuit against the artist. They tried to contact her team first, but they got no answer.

Because the track had such a huge success, it is unfair to use his work without getting any approval first or a heads up after.

Last year, the 35-year-old Houston singer received another lawsuit over “Lemonade”. A man was claiming she stole his visuals for her trailer for the album.

He did not win the lawsuit, as a judge from New York denied it.

Beyoncé did not respond yet to the claims.

Now, she has more important things to think about. Last week, she revealed she is expecting twins.

She also has to prepare for the Grammys, that will take place later this month. She is nominated and she will also perform.

Her performance at Coachella is another thing to worry. Although she will be heavily pregnant, she will still hold her concert in April.