Dump & Trump

A tech company from Austin, Texas invented Trump & Dump, a robot who will analyze the president’s every move on the social platform.

Every single time Donald Trump makes an unpleasant remark about a financial trust, Trump & Dump sells the shares of that company.

According to CNN, in this way the device puts a price on the company and the price of the shares will decrease – in conclusion, the selling process becomes more rapid.

According to the T3 CEO, they are already making a lot of money

All the funds go to the American Society of Preventing Animal Cruelty.

Ben Gaddis said he will never reveal his company’s real revenue.

However, five tweets generated five rapid sales until now, although the robot was activated after the New Year’s Eve.

When Donald Trump wrote about the Delta computer that shut down, Trump & Dump became omnipresent and the capacity for investments rose by 4.47%.

Although making money basing on Donald Trump’s social media rants seems kind of weird, Ben believes his robot will become a massive success.

Ben developed important strategies for companies like UPS and his algorithms are able to predict exactly when a post makes an unpleasant or nice comment regarding a business or brand.

His engineers worked almost three days to activate Trump & Dump.

‘All we do is to take that analyze and translate in an investment platform’, confessed the T3 boss.