According to data, more than 90% of last year’s energy in Europe came from renewable sources.

This is a big step for the continent, which tried to step away from the fossil fuels.

Until 2020, though, the plan for the renewable energy will end. This has industry figures worried and hoping that the politicians will provide support after that.

The wind power has become the second most used form of power. Gas is still number one.

Germany is one of the countries o have installed the wind technology. In 2016, it was the one to install the most of the capacity.

It is followed by France, Ireland, Finland and a few others. It seems like the countries from the Northern side of Europe are the ones most involved in his type of energy. They are, also, some of the most developed countries with boosted economies.

In February 2016, in the Netherlands the biggest project of this kind was implemented. It is entitled “Gemini”. It will be finished this year and will become the second largest one worldwide.

The next ones are from Germany and another one from the Netherlands.

According to WindEurope, about 28 countries have secure plans about the renewable energy after 2020.

The CEO of the organization thinks that the political forces show a much less interest in this type of energy. About five years ago, they got more involved.

The countries have different views. While some showed interest at first, now have little windfarms, some are still relying on the coal power.