There may be the chance that we get forced to give our passwords to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts and not only, to enter the American territory.

The security level implemented in the United States is dangerously approaching of the infringement of privacy and personal life of ordinary citizens who have done nothing illegal.

It all started with stopping the entry of all people on US soil coming from 7 Muslim-majority countries for two weeks ago.

It didn’t even matter if they had a long-term residence visa, a green card or have been living in the US for 15 years.

Through an intrinsic association of all Muslims with the idea of terrorism, their entry into the United States was hampered.

Meanwhile, the presidential order was suspended by a court order.

But discussions on the matter did not end there.

Consequently, the new officials appointed by Trump will bring the national level of paranoia linked to terrorism to the rank of law.

Furthermore, the latest argument in this direction came from John Kelly – General Secretary of Homeland Security.

In a speech held at the Congress on Tuesday, he detailed how the agency must consider implementing new restrictions for the visitors from the banned nations.

They will be forced to provide their authentication passwords for their accounts on all the social networks.

Thus, the US authorities will not only see your public Facebook profile, but all conversations you’ve ever had with your friends and your private photos.

‘We want to access their social media accounts using passwords: Let’s see, what do you do, what do you say? Won’t cooperate? We won’t let them in.’

Although this concept is gruesome, is likely to be extended to persons of other religions.

In June last year, another proposal of Homeland Security obliged foreigners entering or leaving the country to complete a form in which to introduce their IDs used on social networks.

Fortunately, their project was not approved.