The reality TV star shares with her fans her very first shoot for a magazine.

Kim Kardashian West had her first magazine appearance in the 1980’s in an issue inspired by none other than Barbie.

The star cannot believe it. She flips the pages of the magazine as she looks at it on Snapchat.

The shoot is inspired by the future and features the star while she checks some landmarks from Los Angeles. The much younger version of the star sports a huge white bow.

She was about eight years old when the pictures were taken.

Kardashian takes pictures with Mickey Mouse ears on. She is seen at the Universal Studios in Hollywood and other famous landmarks.

She loves the city and raves at how cute she was. It seems like she was a fashion addict since she was just a teen.

Her three-year-old daughter is following in her steps apparently. The mother of two cannot be much happier and prouder of her. Little North already has a passion for clothes, makeup and her favorites, shoes.

The 3-year-old will also be featured in a major fashion campaign. She will be the face of her father’s latest collection for Yeezy. Kanye created a line only for children. His kids already sport fancy outfits created by major designers.

The 36-year-old also shared a card from her younger sister, Khloe. She received it when she was young for her birthday and features a hilarious message. Khloe asks her bigger sister to get over the fact that she is borrowing her clothes.