The politician will initiate a national project meant to obligate the White House to hire a mental specialist for Donald Trump, as reported by The Independent.

‘If there are any concerns regarding Donald Trump’s mental health, wouldn’t be the best solution for him to go through a treatment?’, said Ted Lieu.

Lieu will present his national project next week.

In 1928, the American Senate adopted a new rule, which required the permanent presence of a doctor in Washington.

Last week, Lieu criticized the president on social media for his executive order of banning the access of all Muslim citizens in U.S.

According to the California-based politician, since he took the reign of the American state, Donald Trump did nothing but talk about ‘death’ and ‘destruction’.

‘It’s not ok for a state leader to talk like this’, claims Ted.

We tend to support Lieu on this, considering Trump’s last statements and also… actions.

Besides the fact he adopted some harsh security measures and he is clearly a racist, Donald Trump is not even able to accept criticism.

Shortly after Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus decided to eliminate Ivanka’s collections, Trump, of course, took frustrations on Twitter.

And this is exactly what Lieu wants to demonstrate.

The president should not even have access to these platforms and the presence of a pshychiatrist in Washington is crucial.