Tara Tomkinson passed away this week.

A few months ago, the socialite announced she had a brain tumor. On February 7th, the 45-year-old was found dead in her London apartment.

Police are investigating the death.

Since she learned about her illness, death was the only thing in her mind. At the end of last year, she revealed she was terribly frightened. She had always this worry that she was going to die.

Tomkinson had a pretty eccentric life. She has been known simply as ‘Tara’.

She was a true icon of the 1990’s. Her celebrity was won by accident, actually. She has made numerous appearances on TV and always seemed to be mingling in the most lavish groups.

Her family and friends are incredibly sorry about her loss. Even though she suffered from this illness for one year, they still cannot believe she is gone.

According to reports, the doctors cured her brain tumor, but another disease, much dangerous, is what put an end to her life. She had an autoimmune disease that slowly ate her organs. Her lungs and kidneys were the ones most affected.

Tara used to be a drug addict, but she left drugs a long time ago. She had to go through surgeries, as the drugs destroyed her face.

Her friends think she was a really sweet person. Unfortunately, her drug addiction really affected her life in a negative way.

In the latest weeks, she has been nothing like herself, sign that the disease was getting stronger.

Her death is tragic in the sense that although she went through cancer and survived, another thing took her life mercilessly.

Prayers are going to her closed ones during this tough times.