The European state finalized, sooner than anticipated, the repatriation process of 300 tons of gold bullion, deposited in the States.

This relocation process represents just a part of their efforts to recover all the bullion transferred abroad in the middle of the Cold War.

Bundesbank informed Thursday that, in 2016, the repatriation process included 111 100 697.506 kilograms of gold recovered from the American National Reserve.

Also in 206, the German bank brought into the country 100 tons of gold deposited in the French capital.

‘The transfers were completed without interruptions or irregularities’, declared financial advisor Carl-Ludwig Thiele.

Four years ago, the Central Bank of Germany decided a substantial part of their gold deposits will be transferred in Frankfurt.

The mission included the transfer of 305 tons of gold from Paris and 380 tons from New York.

‘The repatriation of all gold deposits from Paris will be completed this year’, mentioned Carl-Ludwig Thiele.

After the massive debts recession, a massive part of the population believed the 3.381 tons deposits are better at ‘home’.

On the other hand, many are still skeptical regarding the real provenience of these deposits.

As a response, the German bank published a detailed list with their place, the inventory number and purity of every bullion from their stash.

The largest quantity of gold will be deposited in Germany and the rest of 13% will be transferred to Bank of England.

Germany’s gold reserve was approximated to $130 billion dollars and it’s the second largest in the world, after U.S.