Miranda Kerr tortures her fiancée

The former Victoria’s Secret angel and her long-term partner wait for their honeymoon to have intimate relations.

Or, at least that’s what everyone understood from her last interview.

Miranda revealed for The Times that she will not get pregnant before her union with Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel.

According to Orlando Bloom’s ex-wife, the young businessman is extremely conservative and cares about traditions, especially when it comes to marriage and having a family.

Apparently, the 26-year-old ‘wants to wait’.

We are not sure what does this really mean but we are kind of getting a vague idea.

From Miranda declarations, we tend to believe the pair never got intimate, even though they are dating for more than two years.

The model is seven years older than her billionaire boyfriend, who according to her, ‘acts like he is 50 sometimes’.

Miranda was previously married to Orlando Bloom

The beautiful Aussie was married to the Brit for six years.

According to the American tabloids, Miranda was the one who filed for divorce because her former husband had a drinking problem.

Kerr stood by his side at the beginning but after two years she couldn’t deal with him anymore.

During their marriage, they welcomed a son, Flynn Christopher.

Their little fellow is six now and he is the cutest thing.

Flynn’s father, Orlando is currently dating pop princess Katy Perry.

As stated by Miranda, Katy is madly in love with her son and they share a special bond.