The controversial travel ban is suspended by an appeal court in San Francisco and probably the decision will arrive at the Supreme Court for confrontation.

The decision was taken unanimously by three judges. The panel declared there are no evidence that national security is threatened, offered by the Justice Department. They concluded that there is no reason to ban immigrants from seven Muslim countries.

It is now an open war between judges and Donald Trump, as they are letting him know that there won’t have any success with the order if it remains the same and the President is accusing political influences in the act of law.

The lawyers that attacked Trump’s ban in the appeal court are saying that even a temporary application of this ban could harm the country and raise a lot of concern about the religious discrimination. In reply, the Justice Department suggested that Donald Trumps’s order should not be questioned, as he is the President of United States and knows what’s better for the country and what are the right measured to fight terrorism in America.

The President’s order has been suspended last week all across the United States by James Robart, a judge from Seattle. Trump was furious and reacted on Tweeter, as usual, calling the decision ridiculous and saying about Robart that he is a so-called judge.  Also, he tweeted right after the court’s decision in San Francisco, saying “see you in court”, playing the national security card again. Off the cameras, Trump told the journalists that he is confident the ban will eventually make its effects.