In about six states, President Donald Trump sent federal agents to ensure his immigration plan is taken care of.

As he said before being elected, he wants some immigrants out of the country, the ones that stay illegally in the US.

In the past week, the immigrant authorities arrested undocumented migrants in several states. This is the first thing of this kind at such a large scale since Trump signed the immigration order a couple of weeks ago.

More than eleven million people live illegally in the United States. Trump plans on getting rid of at least three million.

At first, the federal agents only targeted the ones with a criminal record, but after all, they also got hold of some that do not have one.

Last month, he changed the former president’s order about criminal immigrants. Not the only the ones with a serious criminal case will be deported, but the ones with minor offenses too.

The homes and the workplaces are where the agents looked for immigrants.

Among the states where raids were performed are Los Angeles, New York and Atlanta.

According to a spokesperson from the agency, the raids took five days starting Monday. The majority of the immigrants found were Latin Americans.

The ones that did not have a critical record, but were undocumented were only arrested. There is huge chance they will be deported.

The communities of immigrants are worried following these raids. They fear the government will take even tougher measures.

Many think that this is just the start, something much worse will come from Trump.

The president has a very strict plan regarding the immigrants. He will not give up on this matter.

This week, the court rejected his immigration ban.

Although people are not happy with this executive order, he will continue to fight for it, because, as he says, it’s for the protection of the nation.