Breathtaking photos of Hillary Clinton from the time she was the First Lady just prove how amazing she is.

Last month, a book dedicated to Clinton as First Lady made it to the market. The book is entitled “The Making of Hillary Clinton” and shows plenty of pictures of her.

Since her husband has been elected 24 years ago, Hillary has developed a lot and did a lot too.

She was America’s First Lady for eight years, until 2003.

Robert McNeely lived at the White House for almost six year. He was the photographer and the one that released this book. He managed to capture some of the most intimate moments of the former First Lady.

He is one of the few people that had the chance to spend as much time with the family.

A photograph captures Hillary as she takes her first shoot for “Elle” in 1993.

Another shows her fun side, as she laughs with Mack McLarty, the Chief of the Staff. It is taken in her very first days at the White House.

The photographer says Clinton is a very private person. She is much different than what she lets to be seen.

While Hillary does not care what people think of her, her husband is very different. Bill craves attention.

A picture shows Clinton and daughter, Chelsea, by the father’s side as he recovers from a surgery in 1997.

Another one shows her in the same room with Princess Diana and Anna Wintour.

McNeely took more than half a million photographs in these years. He followed the couple almost everywhere.

Although there were times when things weren’t as good, Hillary showed she is a strong person.