A healthy nutrition is more complex than in might seem at a first glance. Though choosing good products, like fruits and vegetables or dark chocolate might sound easy, there a couple of rules that need to be followed.

Dark chocolate – is a super aliment rich in antioxidants and that reduce blood pressure and cholesterol and improve blood circulation. The chocolate also reduces stress and releases happiness hormones, but if you are not aiming for a high cocoa content, you might not benefit of all that. Also, the experts say you should not eat more than 8 grams of chocolate a day.

Carrots and Broccoli – are also super healthy foods, with great amounts of vitamins A and B, and can help the body in the fight with cancer or other chronic conditions. The carrots are better if you don’t consume them raw, boiling them offers an improved absorption of the vitamins, while the broccoli should be only steamed, keeping it in a closed condition to its natural one.

Tomatoes – are the best source of antioxidants we can find in the fruits, experts claim. The Institute for Vibrant Living states that this aliment can help us reduce the risk of stroke and cardiovascular diseases or some types of cancer like pancreatic or prostate cancer and works better when it’s cooked.

Apples and Pears – are the best fruits we can introduce in our daily menu, with high fiber content, minerals, and vitamins. The best moment to eat them is when are completely mellow. So, instead of eating them right away, you might consider waiting for a couple of days.

Strawberries – a great source of vitamin C and a big help for the immunity. One regular serving of strawberries contains half of the recommended daily dose of vitamin C, but if you like to cut them in half before you eat them, the effect won’t be the same. According to the specialists, whole strawberries contain more vitamin C with 8-12% than sliced strawberries.