1 of 3 patients doesn’t know he’s having the disease because the signs are very subtle and often neglected.

There are a couple of symptoms that should concern you enough to get checked by a doctor.

Excessive thirst – is one of the first symptoms of diabetes. The constant need to drink water, dry mouth and frequent urination are all concerning signs that something is not right. Also, losing or adding too much weight in a short period of time should make you go to the doctor as soon as possible. The scientist says that diabetes is a silent disease with almost no symptoms. When signs begin to develop, it means that the disease is already in an advanced stage.

Headaches – As the blood sugar rises, headaches, blurred vision or weakness can appear.

Infections – At an advanced stage of diabetes, more complications can occur. Simple cuts or bites can become infected wounds and take a more time to heal that they usual would.

Sexual dysfunctions – Studies show that more than 70% of the men suffering from diabetes have erectile dysfunctions as a result of the disease. The reason is that diabetes affects blood vessel and nerves around the genital area, so that can cause real erection difficulties.

Diabetes has from the very beginning a lot of complications, the researchers say. So, it’s important to get your blood checked regularly and learn how to listen to your body and see if there is nothing wrong. It is much easier to prevent diabetes and recognize the red flags than to treat it and live with this condition for the rest of your life.


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