We already know international stars are paying big money for personal staff, but that doesn’t mean some precious information won’t “leak” to the glossy magazines. Johnny Depp, for example, pays more than $300,000 every month for the 40 people that are taking care of the actor’s mansion.

The most intimate relationship you could possibly have as a superstar, it’s with your maid. She knows how you look in the morning, how you smell in the night and what are your breakfast habits. And if you don’t treat her right, she might just leak to the press some dirty details about you.

That’s what happened with Miley Cyrus, for example. Now everybody knows the smell in her house is just awful because of her dogs, pretty much as their owner, refuse to obey any rules and they don’t seem to be house trained.

Taylor Swift, on the other hand, is obsessed with cats, so the entire house is filled with cat hair and a considerable part of her wardrobe has a cat print design.

Kristen Stewart is known for her passion for smoking. That wouldn’t be the employees’ business if she wasn’t putting her cigarettes’ butts everywhere in the house, including the shower or the fridge. Jennifer Lopez still has a reputation of a bad boss, with a lousy temper and greedy attitude.

Mariah Carey is also a subject of gossip between her staff. The artist’s maid revealed that the make-up staff had to apply the cosmetics while she was almost fainted because of her alcohol problems.