12When we look at the celebrities we often think they have that special something that makes everything easier for them. Justin Timberlake is one of those sexy mysterious guys that have everything sorted out for him in life. Or that’s how it looks…

Being on the cover of “The Hollywood Reporter”, Justin has opened up about his family, career and his 22 months old baby boy, Silas. Asked if he would like for his son to follow his steps, the artist admitted he’s not very sure of what the right answer should be and said he doesn’t remember too much of his own childhood. He grew up dancing and singing at Hollywood, basically all his life as a kid and as an adult also.

Justin is 36 years old now and struggling with more important and subtle issues regarding the parenting choices. Being aware that everything he does and says to his son might change Junior’s life one day and realize how fragile his life it is right now.

Despite the fears and the need for constant awareness, Justin Timberlake is having the best time of his life as a father. He told Jimmy Fallon that if it wasn’t for his son, the song “Can’t Stop the Feeling” would have never been written. The artist confessed that it’s no better feeling in the world than to see his son dancing and singing to his songs, jumping, enjoying and trying to learn every word of the song. Silas is a huge source of inspiration for his dad and that we can see in Justin’s career in the last two years. Quality and inspiration.