On Saturday night, Meryl Streep participated at an fundraiser, where she held a speech.

The actress opened up on different subjects and Trump was one of them.

She defended the members’ of the LGBTQ community rights of being free. The actress fears the new president will endanger a number of civil rights, amongst them being women’s and gay people’s rights.

The 67-year-old actress says that people got angry when the government approached the gun ownership rights. What will they do when they start endangering the happiness?

She says that the days of being ignorants are over. No one has to hide who he really is.

The actress became visible nervous and struggled to hold her tears. The public gave her a standing ovation for over two minutes.

It’s only one thing Meryl is grateful for in the new president. He thought everyone how “fragile freedom is”.

She thinks that if this four years won’t culminate in a nuclear war and if they live long enough, at the end they will appreciate the freedom more.

A month ago, at the Golden Globes, she delivered another powerful speech. She opened up about what she really thinks of Trump. The president lashed out on his Twitter account and called her a “overrated”.

At the event, Streep said, that, indeed, she is the most overrated actress of our generation.

She ends her monologue with a message for everyone: that we have the right to choose how we want to live exactly. We all have the rights to pursue happiness and our liberty.