If you are always in the mood for a crunch, usually popcorn or pretzels, you should have your blood pressure checked. A recent Brazilian study reveals that people are more predisposed to crave salty snacks when they have blood pressure problems, even before the disease is triggered, which makes it more difficult to manage and diagnose.

            The research was made on volunteers with an average age of 73 and it was found that hypertensive people tend to eat salty foods more often.

            According to the specialists, there is also a genetic factor that contributes to the cravings, but this might as well develop the need to mask the bitter taste of certain foods.

            Until there is an undebatable evidence of the connection between an existent disease and the salty foods appetite, the doctors suggest that we should be careful about the amount of salt we consume every day and also pay attention of the processed foods, that usually are very high in salt and other health risk factors.

            Several studies have shown over the years an obvious link between excessive salt consumption and very dangerous diseases. A big salt intake increases the risk of highly dangerous conditions, like cerebral stroke and heart attack, heart diseases, and kidney problems, usually caused by high blood pressure that was not controlled and monitored properly.

            Hypertension affects numerous organs of the body, but it’s more dangerous when the condition affects the brain or the heart.

            The first symptoms of high blood pressure are a heart rate over 80 bpm or a pressure and discomfort in the back of the head.