Money making skills are developed in the intrauterine life, a new study claims. The magazine “Economics and Human Biology” published a Russian study that suggests that the ring index finger ratio is very important when it comes to earning skills.

The research was made on 2000 people, with ages between 25 and 60 years old and the specialists addressed several questions about their income and compensations and concluded that men with the index finger longer that ring finger are more likely to have financial success. The difference between the fingers is due to the higher levels of testosterone during the intrauterine life. As for women, if this ratio is the same, it might the reason they are not earning enough. So, the smaller the proportions are, the more money they would make.

This is not the first time when the index-ring finger ratio was studied. An older analysis states that women who have a smaller ratio, or even equal sized fingers, are inclined to be more faithful that the ones with a higher proportion who are more likely to cheat, according to the scientists.

Even though the length of the fingers is not an excuse for someone’s behavior and should not be treated like that, researchers claim that this is a good way to predicts an unborn child attitude, especially in the first years of life. This study is an important tool for the future parents, as they can watch out for some behavior patterns during childhood and correct them anytime they need.