Julia Roberts and Danny Moder’s marriage is on the rocks?

The international press reports the actress is already divorced and she is also suffering a severe form of depression.

Apparently, the rumors regarding her divorce circulate since December and Julia gained a lot of weight due to her mental struggle.

Danny left home and moved into a guest house across the street.

A few weeks ago he decided to end their marriage.

According to a source close to the couple, Julia is devastated because she knows Danny is not coming back anymore.

Although the actress hoped this is just a typical fight, unfortunately, Danny is determined to get a divorce.

‘If we are talking about a real separation, this is due to Julia’s control and ingratitude issues, but also because of her insecurities.’

‘Their relation was on the rocks for a couple of years but now the divorce became a real option’, revealed the source.

As reported by Us Magazine, Julia gained almost 44 lbs. since Danny left.

The famous ‘Pretty Girl’ was spotted the other days with her son and she appeared heavier.


The massive change must’ve happened in just weeks, considering that last month she was so skinny.

While most papers wrote about their divorce, Gossip Cop launched this survey to proof the authenticity of these rumors.

The survey went negative and all these rumors are pure lies.

Julia Roberts and the American cinematographer are married for 18 years.