As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, everyone is trying to come up with special offers. Until now, KFC seems to have the most unique one.

The chain of restaurants released a special bouquet of fried chicken. What’s better than flowers and food? A mix between the two. The foodies out there will be more than excited to receive this gift.

As other gifts are already outdated, this seems like the best new, original one.

The treats inside are also special. The bouquet features popcorn chicken, drumsticks and their most famous, crispy strips.

In spite of how exciting it is, unfortunately, there are only twenty bouquets available. The restaurant launched a contest on Facebook. Also, it is only available in one place, New Zealand.

The winners will have to pick their prize at a certain store in Auckland in a two-hour time gap.

Over two thousand people signed up for the conquest already. All they have to do for winning is tag their partners in a comment.

The restaurant also tries to find the “Wingwoman or Wingman”. They will be crowned the heroes.

Some will be able to compete and people will vote the Wingwoman and Wingman. The winner will get a supply for a year from KFC.

For Valentine’s Day last year, the company released a special candle that smelled exactly like their goods.

In Canada, the chain restaurant has a heart-shaped bucket. There is also a competition for it. The packaging features a poem.

The company also released once a special offer for Mother’s Day and a special comestible nail polish that tasted like their chicken.