After a fun vacation, the former first couple returned to business. Barack and Michelle Obama have big plans.

Recently, the two signed a deal with Harry Walker Agency. The organization will find the two gigs where they will hold speeches.

A spokesperson of the 44th president released a statement. It is revealed that the agency will take care of their future engagements.

The two will be giving more powerful and inspiring speeches, especially in these times, when America really needs it.

The same agency also works with Bill Clinton regarding the same matter.

Obama has more exciting news for his supporters. As he dedicated a large part of his life to books and even wrote once, he revealed he plans on releasing a new book. The news could not be better.

The two also hired attorneys, who have pretty impressive careers. They are going to help them with book deals.

Michelle also has plans of her own. The former First Lady is set to appear on “MasterChef Junior”. She is going to be a guest judge.

It looks like she is taking her plans of a healthy nutrition a step further. She dedicated a lot of time to teaching the importance of a healthy lifestyle, especially to children.

The Bidens also have plans. The couple did not take a break since leaving the White House. The two also signed a deal, but with the Creative Artists Agency. A statement reveals that the couple plans on addressing current issues. They signed with this agency because they share the same ideas.

Joe Biden and Jill started a foundation.

The both couples’ plans are really exciting and we can’t wait to see them come true.