A NASA scientist, although born in the United States, was detained because of his Indian last name.

Sid Bikkannavar is the one that went through the incident. The Border Patrol held him and forced him to show them their phone.

The man has been working for NASA for over ten years.

Last month, he went on vacation in the South America for a few weeks. Where he returned back to the states, he was detained.

The officials took him in a room and would not let him go until they received permission on his phone.

At first, the scientist did not want to let them as his phone was given to him by NASA. In his job, they are forced to keep every information as private as possible.

The man told his story. He said that he tried to explain why he can’t give them permission, but they wouldn’t understand. They kept insisting, although the man had a perfectly good reason.

According to the law, they have no right to search through someone’s phone.

The scientist received a paper, that said that in case he refuses to cooperate, the sanctions could be worse. Detention was one of them.

His phone was taken after all. The officials searched in it for half an hour. He was also questioned and now CBP has this information in its database.

This incident occurred just a few days later after Donald Trump signed the Muslim ban. The measures taken at the border and airports are getting worse. Not only the ones that come from the seven countries are affected, but many others.

It seems like your faith is decided based on your name.