Robbie Williams makes shocking reveal

The British artist is known for his rebel attitude and for his crazy lifestyle, but this is almost sick.

Robbie confessed during an interview that she smoked ‘pot’ at the Buckingham Palace.

We all know that he absolutely loves to break rules but no one imagined that he will go that far.

In 2012, the singer was invited to the palace to perform for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Asked by the journalist if he felt sick at the palace, the singer replied:

‘If I ever threw up at the palace? No way. I smoked pot at the Buckingham Palace.’

It’s no secret that Robbie Williams loves to consume marijuana

The ‘Angels’ singer checked in into a rehab twice and four years ago he admitted that he smokes marijuana once in a while.

However, his ‘mishap’ at the Buckingham Palace he is not the only who risked.

The members of the legendary Beatles did the exact same thing in 1965.

Actor Stephen Fry went even further and consumed cocaine in the royal residence.

Robbie has a more ‘love-hate’ relationship with drugs.

Since 2006, when he met his wife Ayda Field he gave up on excesses but marijuana is still the best method to relax.

According to the singer, if his daughter wants to try he is willing to smoke with her.
Robbie and Ayda’s daughter Theodora Rose Williams is four-years-old and her mother is an American movie producer.