A new worldwide study reveals the countries that sleep the most and the ones who are having the least sleep during 24 hours.

The research was conducted by American and Australian specialists and they aimed to show who gets the most sleep during a full-length day. Seems that the Japanese people are sleeping the least, with an average of seven hours and sixteen minutes, while the Argentinians are having enough time to get ten hours and sixteen minutes of sleep.

A Russian citizen sleeps almost 9 hours and 20 minutes in 24 hours, he goes to sleep around 10.43 P.M. and wakes up at 7.54 A.M and the Americans sleep for about 8 hours and 31 minutes.

A European resident seems to manage 8 hours and 55 minutes of bedtime, while the South Koreans need two more minutes.

The specialists have gathered data from 645 cities in the world for 6 years, from 2006 to 2012, by using Global Area Network, that connects the computers all over the planet. They also stated that not every country in the world is linked to the network, so the data is not very accurate. During the same period of time, the length of sleep time in 24 hours decreased in Europe and slightly increased in Eastern Asia. In North America, a number of sleeping hours didn’t change.

An older study revealed that people’s gender is very important regarding the sleeping patterns and maintain a good health. Seems that women from of any age need more sleep than men with the same lifestyle and same age category.