Zlatan Ibrahimovic has big plans for this season. The Manchester United player wants to win trophies this season with his club.

He arrived at the team last Summer and is already a fan-favorite. He is the first player from the team to make twenty goals.

The club will have some exciting competitions coming up. The next one is the EFL Cup final. Manchester United will compete against Southampton.

It looks like the player and the manager, Jose Mourinho, will be able to bring the win.

In spite of their success, they don’t have a chance to win the Premier League. Their longtime rival, Chelsea, with whom they competed last week and won miserably, is likely to win.

Ibrahimovic has faith in his team and hopes that things will turn out for the best.

On Saturday, the club competed against Watford and won.

This season, Manchester United only won one cup, but there are still more chances, as more competitions will take place soon.

His ultimate goal this year is to get to the Europe League. He hopes for at least one win, even if they don’t make it to the Premier League.

Since Jose Mourinho has been the manager, the team keeps on getting better. The fans already can see the improvements.

The team captain from Watford from last Saturday’s game said the team is a really good one. That’s why they lost. He did say, that in spite of how good they are, they missed some extraordinary chances of scoring.

In spite of his team’s bad luck, Ibrahimovic is a true star, who continues to rise.