When it comes to the kids of Victoria and David Beckham, the price tag is no problem. On Monday, David and kids stepped out to support mommy for her runway.

While the father looker dapper, the kids were fashionable as well.

Little Harper wore a pretty expensive bag, created by Goyard. She had matching Gucci boots, that cost roughly 240 pounds.

The 5-year-old held her father’s hand and looked really cheerful.

Cruz, aged fourteen, resembled his father. He looked great in a camel coat and navy suit. Of course, the designers were high-end. His pants costed about 745 pounds.

The oldest one, Brooklyn, was more cozy. He had black trousers, white T-shirt, and a trench coat. The 17-year-old sported Doc Martens boots.

11-year-old Romeo wore the latest Yeezys and a coat from Burberry. Romeo was the face of the brand and started in a few ad campaigns.

He follows in his parents’ and big brothers’ steps. He is already well-known on the internet. The smaller boy is also really talented, with a voice like Bieber’s. Proud mommy made sure to share it with the fans.

David doesn’t go through a really good period right now. He was the victim of hacking and had hundreds of emails released, that really ruined his image. In spite of this, his family supports him and is by his side.

David and Victoria’s children definitely inherited their good genes and talents. Some of them already starred in major ad campaigns. The 17-year-old is already the split-image of his father and has millions of fans.

We will definitely hear more from this super-talented and good looking family.