Ever wondered why Japanese women look so good? Here are some of their secrets

The Japanese culture and the lifestyle are playing an important role keeping the optimal weight and health, and when it comes to gastronomy, the Japanese are blessed with rice, a great variety of fish, soy or green tea.

There are several rules that women from Japan never forget and that seem to be the key to a perfect looking ageless body.

Do not skip breakfast, especially if you are going to the gym. The first meal of the day is the most important in japan, so there must be a good reason for this. And if you need extra motivation, remember that sumo players don’t eat early in the morning and are training on an empty stomach.

Cook the ailments in a healthy way. In Japan, most of the food is slowly cooked by boiling, grilled or fried in a special pan with very little cooking oil. They are cut and preserved so that they keep their properties for as long as it’s possible.

Eat the ailments depending on the season. In the summertime, fruits and vegetables are helping the body to adapt to the light and heat and during the wintertime, the food should contain more calories, as our bodies go to a kind of inspection during the cold season.

They eat rice instead of bread. This is a major difference between Asia and the rest of the world, where the white flour intake seems to be the major reason for obesity.

Eat slowly. Every meal is a ritual. The Japanese are enjoying every bite of their meals and their plates are much smaller than in the US or Europe. Also, they never put more kinds of food on a plate, as they don’t want the flavors to mix.

Drinking water during the meals is not a healthy habit. They never do that in Japan. The liquids are cooling the foods in the stomach and also create digestive disorders.

A warm bath can extend your life span. When you lay down in the bathtub at 40 degrees, your muscles relax almost right away and the blood stream is getting stronger. You will have a great skin and the digestion will be improved.