A 25-year-old man, who’s idol is none other than Adolf Hitler was arrested in the Fuhrer’s original hometown.

The Austrian officers stopped the young man on the street after they noticed the impressive resemblance between him and the Nazi dictator.

After they asked about his name, the officers decided to detain him.

Harald Hitler walked on the streets of Brannau am Inn and took a picture with the persons who asked him to.

‘This man knew exactly what he was doing’, declared David Furtner.

The spokesman of the local police station mentioned that ‘Harald Hitler’ is not a real name.

According to the authorizes, Adolf Hitler’s sympathizer was also spotted in Wien and Graz, wearing the same outfit as the Nazi leader.

Recently, he moved in Brannau is Inn, Adolf Hitler’s birth place.

The police were looking for the fellow for a couple of weeks after the locals made several complaints regarding his emergence in Brannau.

According to some locals, Harald was firstly seen in a library, while he was searching some magazines about his idol and the World War II.

Harald didn’t stop here. He entered into a local bar and presented himself as Hitler’s heir.

Some residents photographed the fellow right in the moment he was checking Adolf Hitler’s childhood home.

The former Nazi dictator was born in 1889 in Brannau am Inn. The hometown is situated right at the border with Germany.

Adolf Hitler’s former residence was put up for sale in December by a group of Austrian MP’s.