There is no connection between immigration and high levels of crime, an American study shows after the effects of the immigrants have been studied for 40 years.

The analysis is discussed after the president Donald Trump declared that he will make a list every week, to show all the crimes the immigrants in the United States are committing, even though the researcher informed him about the lack of evidence that there might be somehow connected.

The specialists at Buffalo University analyzed data and gathered information about the crimes in 200 states from 1970 and 2010. They discovered that as the immigrant’s number increases, some kinds of crime tend do decrease. The result shows that the number of assaults doesn’t grow, but in the areas where are high levels of migration, the robberies, and the crimes are less likely to develop.

A sociology teacher working at the University declared that the specialists are not claiming that the immigrants don’t commit any crimes, but they are just trying to show that in the American communities with high migration rates, the levels of crime don’t change, which proves that a large number of immigrants is not actually the cause of criminality in the United States.

He also stated that it is important to base the public politics looking at the facts and evidence, not on ideologies and affirmations that don’t have a practical support in real life and especially not on demonizing a certain section of the population without having any prove to support the affirmations.