Key to happiness

Did you ever wonder what is the key to happiness and what do you have to do in order to get that wonderful blissful state of mind? Of course, you did… The answer is often right in front us, claim the specialists.

People talk about happiness when they recall certain memories or think a wish will be fulfilled, but putting your happiness in a relation with the past or the future it’s not a good idea, the psychotherapists say.

We always want what we don’t have: when we are kids, we want to grow up, when we are adults we want to be kids again, we always compare ourselves with others, we want more money, bigger house or car, when we are sick we only need our health, and so on.

According to the specialists, this is not a good way of looking at life, as we will never be satisfied if we look for something different all the time. We just have to live in the present and enjoy everything we have in our lives right now. The kids, the family, a handshake, a hello, a good deed, the colors, music, or even nature. All of these describe moments of happiness.

To obtain that state of bliss you should look at everyone and everything with natural joy, according to the psychotherapists, as happiness itself is a desire, not a plan.

They also suggest an interesting exercise. Think of how you are smiling in the pictures and imagine there is always someone after you with a camera and act like your life is a constant photo session.