In an attempt to draw attention to the projects in Oculus’ laboratories, Mark Zuckerberg made a trip to the company’s headquarters in Washington.

The field of virtual reality, although it sounds very good in theory, it no longer generates widespread interest.

VR sales kits were capped and the very high price for compatible PCs did not facilitate the purchases, either.

For this reason, Mark Zuckerberg got himself involved in the staff promoting Oculus.

Given that Oculus is the largest VR equipment manufacturer and Zuckerberg owns that company, his effort was quite predictable.

In this context, through a post on Facebook a few days ago, the Facebook CEO has detailed several projects his engineers are currently working on at Oculus Research Center.

Some of them will not reach the users anytime soon, but others seem close enough to become serial products.

For example, the pair of gloves that Mark Zuckerberg wears in the picture above.

Through a few trackers embedded in the gloves and a few high-performance cameras, you can transpose yourself into the best augmented reality.

This solution can eliminate one of the major problems of the VR kits and their inability to naturally interact with the objects in the virtual reality.

Wearing those gloves you can write, you can type a virtual message or you can throw spider webs as Spider-Man.

Among other things, the Oculus team is dealing with advanced optics, eye tracking, mixed reality AR / VR and new methods of tracking the human body.

The major purpose of Oculus lab is to decrease the technological equipment used.