Using your phone during a flight is a very controversial subject because no one knows for sure if the mobile frequency has real effects upon the aircraft.

There were hundreds of debates about these effects and some claim the mobile interferences are as real as possible.

Meanwhile, others believe using your mobile phone during a flight is banned in key moments, so that passenger pays attention to the flying instructions.

Currently, most passengers switch their phones into the flight mode and everything is fine.

However, things are not the same in China.

As reported by, in February, three individuals were arrested because they used their phones during a flight.

A woman known as Zhang refused to turn off her phone after the plane took off, initiating numerous phone calls.

Her defying gesture sent her behind bars for almost a week.

Another brave guy, known as Niu, was detained for the exact same reason, but he only spent three days behind bars.

The last man, known as Wang received the harshest punishment. According to the Chinese authorities, the man listened to music during the entire flight until the plane landed.

Wang spent five days in prison and he also received a ticket. The tickets for using your phone while you’re in the air could reach $8.000.

The officials in China believe these devices must remain turned off during flights. The officials are not 100% convinced that ‘flight mode’ blocks all the signals.

In a weird way, tablets are not included in these security measures.

In 2016, there were many official opinions regarding the harsh legislation but nothing became clear