If you are wondering why your skin has an orange or green shade, you should check your dietary habits. Excessive intake of carrots, papaya or snails could cause a change in your skin color.

For example, a 22 years old Chinese man presented at the hospital with an unusual skin color. According to a national newspaper, the eyes and the skin of the patient had a greenish shade and after some complex investigations, the doctors decided the condition was caused by a toxin that is found in snails, what the man used to eat quite often.

But not only snails could cause this problem, but also eat plants grown in dirty untreated waters, where a lot of microorganisms can develop.

The skin with an orange or yellowish shade is the cause of excessive intake of aliments rich in carotene. So, if you like to indulge yourself with carrots, papaya or pumpkin, you should watch out for any pigment changings. The condition is called carotenemia, it is not dangerous and usually goes away after a dietary change. If it seems to persist, though, you should consider getting an appointment to the doctor’s office.

Jaundice is a condition that has as a unique symptom yellowish skin because of the liver’s incapacity of processing the blood cells. So, a substance called bilirubin is released into the bloodstream and is causing the skin and the eyes to turn yellow. Unlike carotenemia, the jaundice is a dangerous condition that requires a special medical treatment.