Pasta addicts can finally get relieved. The people who are eating pasta have a better health, a new study reveals.

The research was presented in November 2016. The meeting of The Obesity Society that is organized every year, allowed the scientists to show that the ones who prefer to spoil themselves with delicious pasta are healthier that the ones who don’t ever consume pasta.

Also, the specialists analyzed data from adults all over the United States for 11 years. Between 2001 and 2012 the subjects’ meal plan was monitored and it was discovered that the ones who preferred to introduce pasta in their menu also had the tendency to consume less saturated fats and sugar. In contrast with the people who are afraid of eating carbs, the pasta fans also presented better levels of vitamins and minerals.

Pasta can help with a better nutrition especially if we smartly combine other healthy aliments like fish or vegetables suggest the doctors.

Pasta has been associated with a good condition before. In the summer of 2016, a study was claiming that people who like spaghetti have a slimmer waist compared with the ones who never consume pasta.

There are 600 pasta dishes all around the world and their quality standards have been established by the Pope, in the 13th Century. According to the history, the leader of the Catholic Church decided what kind of flour should be used when making pasta, as well as how much water or what kind of eggs you need to make the most flawless superior pasta.