The classic home button of iPhones could become history.


Thanks to the new dactylogram sensor licensed by the giant company.

Apple has received a patent for a ‘convertible display with infrared dioide’.

Through this, users could activate their devices through an ‘in effect’ HB, which is located right on the touchscreen display.

The described technology could replace the classic HB located at the bottom of the phone, below the display.

Ever since the Apple co-founder, S.Jobs, released the first iPhone in 2007, the spherical HB has been a ‘nucleus’ point within the navigation of the device.

Rumors about the disappearance of this button began to appear starting in 2014.

Back then, Apple introduced Touch ID, a fingerprint sensor that allowed iPhone 5S users to unbutton their phone without entering a key.

The touch sensor is now integrated into the HB.

Speculations continued in 2015, when Apple applied for a patent to relocate the classic fingerprint sensor under the glass screen.

So, they managed to eliminate the need for a classic HB.

This year, Apple marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone.

So, the rumors are becoming more intense.

Most users are talking about some major hardware changes that the new phone could introduce.

Also, giving up physical HB could be one of the changes.

Furthermore, there are rumors about creating curved lateral edges, wireless charging, but also using an ocular scanner to unlock the phone.

It remains to be seen, however, how many of these rumors will materialize with the launch of the new smartphone.