It has been suggested before that women offer their patients a complete care and tend to be more careful, but that’s how women are. It’s a feminine feature to offer more devotion and attention when you are taking care of someone.

If you had the feeling you feel better with a woman when you go to the doctor, seems that wasn’t only a feeling. A new study showed that the patients of the women who are working in hospitals have lower death rates and even a longer life span.

The authors of this study are all men, and surprisingly declared that there would be much fewer deaths if all doctors were women. According to the, women tend to be more careful when it comes to prevention, so, obviously, the patient has more chances to live longer. The research was made on hospitalized patients with ages over 65, suffering from diseases like heart failure, pneumonia, lung disease or urinary infections.

Despite the better chance of survival, the patients treated by female doctors were readmitted in the hospital the same month they were treated.

Older studies showed that is a difference in medical practice between men and women. That difference seems to be very important, as it can save someone’s life or offer a better quality of life.

The health specialist declared the information is intriguing, but not final and needs a lot more research to determine the exact reason women might be better doctors, and says it’s not a practical evidence that patients should act on.