For hundreds of years, eggplant has been defamed by the people because of the bitter taste and considered even poisonous.

But after the discovery of great health benefits and wonderful recipes, the eggplant is now considered a super-healthy aliment that we should eat every day.

The eggplants are a great source of vitamins and minerals that are maintaining our bodies at an ideal level, like iron and calcium.

Also, these vegetables have a lot of carbs that help us fight against constipation, diabetes and prevent bowel cancer. The antioxidants have their leading role too, the doctors claim. They protect the heart and prevent cell deterioration, decreasing the risk of cancer, inflammation and neurological conditions. The fibers are the ones responsible for the feeling of fullness, so that’s another reason to eat eggplants when we are dieting, especially because they have a few calories and 95% water, which makes them easier to digest.

The specialists investigated the effects of the daily intake of eggplants on our body: the veins are stronger, they prevent the blood clots, decreasing the chance of stroke and heart attack.  A lot of nutrients are found in the skin of the eggplant, so be careful not to take that out when you eat it.

Remember that in order to get the maximal benefits from this vegetable and not having problems with digestion, you should cook it properly, in the oven, with a little oil and a lot of condiments. Also, it’s very important to know if you have arthritis, osteoporosis or other inflammatory diseases because then you should avoid consuming eggplants.