Hollywood stars must have the most impressive vacations. The stars choose lavish spots, where they spend big bucks. Celebrities share pictures of their high-end holidays all the time. But, what places they choose to spend the time off?

The parents try to make their vacations perfect for their off-spring. So, they always choose something safe, but fun at the same time.

Italy seems like an ideal place. Boat trips in Tuscany, visits at the winery, archaeological sites and lots of sunshine. This seems like paradise. The best high-end hotels are always preferred. The place seems perfect because it has a rich history, great food and lavish offers. A trip of seventeen days across several towns would cost a family 125K dollars.

A vacation of twelve days in India stars with Delhi first. Great family activities include a trip to Taj Mahal and to the national park. This comes at a price of 100,000 dollars.

In Morocco, a family of five can have a tour that costs 125K. The tour takes twelve days and takes you through the ruins of the cities and mosques. This country’s rich history will mesmerize you. The vacation will include a camel trek. Of course, this lavish trip would consist of sleeping at a lavish hotel.

In the South Africa, you can take your 15-year-olds. Walking through the safari and seeing big cats will definitely enchant them. The experience is new and will prove to be a unique one.

Thailand is great for the ones that love water and staying at the beach. This culture is truly magnificent, with rich history and also, lots of fun.