India definitely made a lot of progress when it comes to science and space. Their new project was the boldest one so far and a record set worldwide.

After they revealed their plans recently, ISRO just launched on the 14th the one hundred and four satellites into space. They are the first ones to launch as many into space in one single mission.

The Government gave its permission and founded the organization.

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, took to social media to congratulate the team. He is really proud of this achievement.

From the total number of satellites, only three are theirs, while the other 101 are from other countries.

The United States has the most satellites, over ninety of them.

The others are from the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates and three other states. Most of these satellites have the skills to image the Earth. A satellite made in India can take high-resolution pictures.

The launch was made in an eastern part of the country.

According to observers, the Indians will really make a good name for themselves worldwide. With this record, they will definitely break in the billions market.

The director of the project said that this moment made history. And, indeed, it did. All the country is proud of this achievement, especially the politic figures.

This morning, the country and the magnificent project were trending on social media.

But this is not where ISRO will stop. They have bigger, bolder plans. Visiting Mars and Venus are some of them. We have to keep our eyes close on this country, as it promises a lot.