The beautiful model flaunts her curves on the cover of “Sports Illustrated” magazine. Kate Upton has been named their cover model for this year in the swimsuit issue.

The magazine announced it on social media with a few pictures of the cover. The model announced on TV. On Tuesday, she appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”.

This is the third time the model covers their magazine. To celebrate, they will have three types of covers. The reason why is because the model took way too many gorgeous photographs to let them go to waste.

The latest number will be out today.

But Upton is not the only one featured. Hannah Jeter will appear for a fifth time. Sports figures, like Simone Biles, are also featured.

On one of the covers, the model sports just a bikini and a sequined top. On another, just jewels cover her, while in the third she wears a barely there white swimsuit.

The photoshoot took place in Fiji and the landscape is breathtaking. But who would care about the landscape when the Blonde beauty is there?

The bombshell looks great like always. She has been one of the favorite apparitions.

Upton’s first apparition was lend to her in 2011. With that, her career really took off. In the next two years, she received covers. Being in her early twenties, the gorgeous model managed to get her name in the magazine’s legend class.

The magazine’s editor admits the model has come a long way. The team from SI really knows her and watched her transform in the spotlight.

Kate made her acting debut in these years.