Did you know kissing has a great impact on your health? Of course, you did. But besides the emotional and hormonal impact, there some other amazing benefits. If you have been putting kissing and holding hands in the same place, you might think again.

                A recent research claims that kissing is more than it seems to be. Besides emotional and the obvious advantages, there are several benefits that come with just one kiss.

                Kissing is a great boost for the cardiovascular system, reduces the high blood pressure and even the levels of cholesterol.

                When you kiss someone, over 30 muscles at the level of the face are stimulated, that means that the face bloodstream is increased and your skin will look younger and softer.

                In just five minutes of kissing you can burn up to 12 calories

                It reduces or even prevents the stress hormones that are the main reason for hypertension, insomnia or muscle weakness.

                Kissing is like a natural immune shot because saliva has a lot of beneficial bacteria, that 80% of the humans already have in their system. Through the process of kissing is supposed that the immune system is stimulated to adapt at the new bacteria. The result is the antibodies that protect us from other diseases and conditions we might catch.

                One kiss allows our brain to analyze the compatibility with our partner. How many times have you started to see things more clearly after the first kiss?

                As weird as it may sound, kissing seems to be the ultimate remedy for hiccups.