Snacks are essential, especially when you are on a diet, so the magic formula is to keep your freezer full of healthy aliments that you can prepare and eat anytime you need.

Most of these ailments are used in simple recipes that you can enjoy every moment of the day and you can eat as much as you want, without the fear of gaining weight.


Rocket – A simple rocket salad with olive oil, salt and some parmesan on top is a wonderful idea to have a snack before lunch, only having 10 calories.

Blueberries – You can add them in your morning yogurt or you can try a vegan ice cream with frozen blueberries, bananas, and a little lemon juice.

Celery – It has 95% water, so it’s great for your body. You can try celery with hummus.

Edamame – Soybeans go great with salads, pasta or even natural juices. Try them steam cooked with a little bit of salt and you will enjoy a delicious snack.

Egg whites – An egg white has only 17 calories and you can combine it with spinach, tomatoes and some feta cheese for a wonderful omelet.

Oranges – They are great source of Vitamin C

Portobello mushrooms – The adult mushrooms are the perfect ingredient in a vegetarian sandwich. Also, if you cook them in the oven, filled with spinach, garlic, and some cheese cream, Portobello mushrooms can become the perfect dinner.

Sweet potatoes – are one of the healthiest and delicious ailments in the world.