The international diva shocked her audience with her last Instagram picture.

Something strange occurred on Valentine’s Day!

Madonna’s fans were consternated with the diva’s last appearance in the online environment.

Apparently, Madonna, the worldwide known singer, got sick.

However, she did not want to miss the chance to greet her fans on V-Day.

She filmed her messy face while interpreting a carol on this special occasion.

Even if she is one of the most beloved performers in the world, who always amazes us with her irreproachable appearances, Madonna has scared the majority of her fans with her last clip on Insta’.

The 58-year-old singer took a moment to record a video congratulation message, during one of the spare days she took to recover.

The artist mentioned that her health is not very good, so her voice didn’t sound as well as usual.

‘Sick in bed, wearing sleepwear. It does not sound very good, but I sang with love. Happy Valentine’s Day!’, wrote the diva under her video.

While some of Madonna’s admirers were enchanted with her last appearance, a few of her more than 8,8 million virtual friends said that her face is a little scary.

“Omg so creepy”, “You know that she was stoned when she sang this song, right? Excuse me, Madonna, I love you, but your eyes are red”, “Lord, Madonna!! You look and sing so different now. I miss the old Madonna and her voice … stop smoking!”.

These were just some of the reactions of Madonna’s fans on the social media platform.