Fats stored in excess in our body could be the first cause of migraines or another severe headache, a new study reveals.

The doctors at the Medical University College in Philadelphia conducted a complex study to see what the primary cause of this condition might be. Over 22.000 volunteers were analyzed and it seemed that overweight people, with ages between 20 and 55 years accused more often headaches than the others.

The scientists claim that the fat around the waist is more dangerous than overall fat. 37% of the women with that kind of fat are complaining often about migraines, compared to 29% of the woman with fat storages in other parts of the body.

As for men, the ones with abdominal fat complain about headaches in a percent of 20, compared with 16% of the ones with general fat.

After the age of 55, the connection between migraines and weight disappears.

The results are now asking for new answers. Do the headaches go away after the excess weight is lost and the quality of life is improved or does the body already has been used with the body’s defense mechanism? The scientists promised to do more research in order to get a final answer.

Besides the headaches, the excessive weight increases the risk of diabetes, heart attack, high blood pressure and some forms of cancers.

The migraines are severe headaches, usually associated with nausea and light and noise sensitivity. They women seem to suffer more from this condition and the health specialists say it’s inherited.