This is not a surprise for anybody, but the researchers had to confirm it: Americans drink a lot of whiskeys. Either they do it because they need some extra courage or they want to make easier the uncertainty in the country, the Millennials of the US are investing a huge amount of whiskey.

The drink has been popular for years all over the country and the consumers tend to be more exigent when it comes to the authenticity of the taste. They also seem to consume unique cocktails that are based on whiskey, along with other traditional elements.

Only last year, the profit from the American whiskey raised with 7.7%, to a $3.1 billion industry. The volume also raised with 6.8% to 21.8 million.

The adult consumers seem to appreciate more the quality of the drinks and the intake is probably raised by some kind of nostalgia and a come back to the traditional things, the specialists say. The bourbon consumption is a real culture in the United States and the people seem to need more of that stability and traditional factor in their country.

Also, the price range is varied for all kinds of liquors, so it is also accessible for the ones with smaller resources and can be also very expensive for the ones with exclusive taste. Also, depends on each drinker’s preference the kind of whiskey they want to drink.

The basic whiskey’s value raised up with 13.1% to $217 million and the premium whiskey had a smaller raise of 7.6%, reaching a number of $598 million.