She received eight Grammy nominations but left home with nothing.

Instead, she drew the attention while sporting the most unusual ‘accessory’.

It was quite inevitable to not notice Rihanna’s precious accessory because she flashed the item in front of the cameras the entire night.

Obviously bored and annoyed that no one is calling her on the stage, Rihanna settled with this fancy crystal-encrusted bottle of whiskey.

Once in a while, if you gave an eye to the Barbadian beauty you could’ve seen sipping from the bottle of whiskey without caring that everyone noticed.

And, because drinking on your own is not fun, Rihanna decided to share her cocktail with her friends.

At one point, Rihanna offered her assistant Jennifer Rosales her crystal-encrusted bottle although the brunette had one of her own.

The video footage in which Drake’s former flame is dancing around while flaunting her whiskey bottle in the middle of the audience went viral and fans started wondering if Rihanna is doing ok.

During the last three months, the redhead was mostly spotted while she was holding a drink in her hand and she couldn’t help herself not even at the Grammy’s.

Rihanna’s fans are truly concerned for her because they believe she became an alcoholic.

We are not sure if the reason behind Rihanna’s new ‘hobby’ is her breakup with Drake or she is just enjoying life too much.

Five years ago, a source close to the artist told National Enquirer that Rihanna’s liver is severely damaged by excessive drinking, lack of sleeping and other substances.

A while ago, she even got into the hospital for the exact same problem, so she might consider a healthier lifestyle.