Seems like an absurd quarrel subject?

It’s true: Sofia Vergara is tired of fighting with her ex-husband for cryogenic embryos.

Starting May 2014, when Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb decided to break their engagement, the two are in a permanent war.

Why is that?

That’s because, during their relationship, the two have decided to ‘freeze’ some embryos.

Apparently, Nick now wants to use the eggs to become a father … even without the consent of Sofia.

The couple became engaged in July 2012 and two years after, in 2014, they broke up.

So, Sofia was tired of being dragged into the court for endless explanations.

However, the actress will never agree to become a mother with another man, other than her actual husband, actor Joe Manganiello, even if, at some point, she wanted to do this Nick.

The actress, aged 44 years, required the judges to close the case, especially for between her and her former fiance was signed an agreement.

Under the file, neither of the two parties will have the right to use the embryos without the consent of the other party.

Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb have split again. The announcement was made by Vergara on her Twitter account in 2014.

Apparently, the two were having a hard time spending time together because of their busy work schedules.

The fight for cryogenic embryos is far from over.

The actress claims it’s a waste of time to fight in court for this.

Especially since she will not agree that Nick uses those embryos.

In addition, Sofia requires that all the costs should be paid by her former boyfriend. After all, he was the one insisting on this endless legal battle.