The Tennis player has experienced some health concerns lately. Doctors advised him to do less activities.

Tiger confronts with a serious back problem. Because of this issue, he had to withdraw from the ‘Genesis Open’ that are about to take place this week.

The player had a Q&A meeting planned for February 13th, but he postponed it for the following day. Then, he postponed it for today and then completely gave it up.

A spokesperson from the tour said that Tiger has been receiving treatment daily. He has experienced some back spasms. After his mood hasn’t improved, the doctors told him he should try to do as little activity as possible. He should also not attend the conference that was supposed to take place today.

Tiger had to take one year and a half off and returned last month on the field. In this period, he went through three surgeries.

In his first game after returning, he did not do too good. After accusing other problems with his back, he withdrew from a tour the following week.

This week, he was supposed to be in Florida for two events. He canceled them on Friday. It is not known if he is in Florida right now.

Jason Day, who is now the best player worldwide, said that he understands the situation. In cases like this, you have to make sure your health is doing fine and in the same time come and play at this level. It’s complicated. Day is looking forward to seeing him on the field again.

Recently, the 41-year-old flied to Dubai and then back to the US, that must have affected his back too.