Thanks to the progress in technology, you can fulfill your childhood dream of becoming an astronaut.

Thus, you have the opportunity to experience in some small way what it means to spend your life on the International Space Station (ISS) through a game.

A simple game on the smartphone can offer you the chance to explore the inside of a satellite and see how astronauts live.

From how they prepare their coffee to how they wash and even how they use the toilet space.

Also, we can enjoy the unique view of the Earth from a few millions of kilometers away.

The announcement made by a space company in unleashed the intriguing news.

A simple mobile game gives us access to all these experiences that only astronauts could live during their lives.

And this thanks to a campaign that has managed to raise $ 1,5 million to accomplish your lifelong dream.

All the institutions that gathered their forces to make this idea turn into reality were united under the name Space Nation.

Consequently, they created a smartphone app that gives you the chance to live the astronauts’ experiences.

The application will be launched this autumn, but it seems that it won’t be available aimlessly.

Users must pass some tests of intelligence and other challenges, to gather a high score.

Depending on the results, specialists will make a top of the candidates.

The first 140 players, having the best scores, will have the opportunity to win a trip for two weeks in a training camp.

There, the participants will have to demonstrate that they have the necessary qualities to become an astronaut.

Also, they will be subjected to physical strength tests.

The competition does not end here.

14 of those 140 will get to the next stage of selection, after which there will be one winner.